Term used in Japanese martial arts referring to a form of practice in which a person defends himself against multiple attackers in quick succession without knowing how they will attack or in what order.

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[CONFERENCE] GreHack 2023

RandoriSec 9 min

This year again we were a sponsor of the GreHack conference. Several consultants from RandoriSec attended the conference. As usual, you can find a quick review of our favorite talks. Virtualization from an attacker …


[CTF] ECW CTF 2023 - Pwn challenges write-ups

RandoriSec 45 min

Every year, during European Cyber Week (ECW), a two-week preselection phase is organized to qualify for the ECW Capture the Flag (CTF) finals held in Rennes on November 22 this year. Players compete in challenges from …


[CONFERENCE] Hexacon 2023

RandoriSec 9 min

This year again we were a sponsor of Hexacon, the hot new offensive security conference based in Paris. This time four security researchers from the team attended awesome trainings and after that seven consultants from …


Multiple vulnerabilities on Chamilo 1.11.18

Aituglo 6 min

Abstract Chamilo is an e-learning platform, also called Learning Management Systems (LMS). It has been used by more than 30M people worldwide since its inception in 2010. As an LMS, it offers an integrated platform for …